Welcome to my new website!

Hi - Thank you all for your patience through the process of changing from one website platform to this new one.  I am very excited to be able to provide a better shopping experience that is user friendly.

There are several new features your going to love.  Abandon cart notification I feel is a great feature both as a consumer and a business owner.  As life will have it, often we are distracted or just not enough time to complete a transaction.  This new feature is a great way to be reminded your order is pending.  

Another great feature is the ability to subscribe to news, announcements and promotions.  This feature you don't want to miss out on as I will make available exclusive sales, promotions and upcoming releases.  

I'm currently connected to Facebook and Instagram. I'll will continue to be doing pop-up virtual shopping on Facebook; please like my page for those opportunities.  Instagram I typically post my recent products and flash sales if you would like to follow me there.   

Many of my products are listed; however, I am still working on adding the rest. Unfortunately I've had to add them in manually.  I'm about 75% complete.

Again, thank you all for being so very patient.  I would love to hear about your experience on this new platform - feel free to post it on any of my social media and as always, please write a review.  I will pull them randomly and post them in the testimonials.  Love hearing from you all!

Best wishes, 


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